Exploring International Cuisine Japan & China

Students following the GCSE Food and Nutrition course recently got the opportunity to choose a country with a different cuisine and food culture to ours, that they would like to find out more about and to try cooking some of their cuisine. Japan and China were chosen.

Students made vegetable spring rolls, chicken chop suey and chicken and sweetcorn soup to represent China and Rainbow-Vegetable Sushi and a Chicken Ramen Noodle Bowl to represent Japan.

The outcome was amazing and very colourful, Anna, our Food and Nutrition Teacher was very proud of all the students involved for showing great patience and perseverance in their prep work. As they found out, Asian cuisine is often very refined and their cooks have amazing knife skills!

60th Birthday Celebrations!


This year we are celebrating our 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday to us! There will be Tea&Cake served between 2pm and 4pm on Friday 24th May 2019 for ex-students, ex-staff and some current staff members as well. This will be an opportunity to catch up with some old friends, see some old faces and to have a brief tour of the school. We will also be planting a tree in celebration of the day. If you would like to attend then please contact the school front office on Tel: 01342 810268. Thankyou.

GCSE Results 2018

At Philpots we offer our students a wide variety of GCSEs and this year was no different. Our students were expecting results in Biology, Maths, English and Astronomy. Congratulations to all our hard-working students on their GCSE results this year. Highlights include a B, three grade 5s, and  a grade 6.

Congratulations to all our students who have done themselves proud!

Alistair’s Motor Vehicle Service & Repair

Ali has now enjoyed work experience at two different garages and is in his second year at his current placement. He is in his last year at Philpots and is also attending Plumpton College studying a Level 2 Diploma in Motor Vehicle Service and Repair.  A bright future ahead for Ali.