Pupils follow a programme of study closely linked to the National Curriculum. Science is taught in the students main classroom and in the laboratory with the emphasis being on hands-on activities with pupils learning by experimenting and investigating. Topics may be taught in a different order to the list below.

Curriculum Overview

Year Topics
3 Nutrition, Skeletons & Muscles
Forces and Magnets
4 Digestion
Living Things & their habitats (Classification I )
States of Matter
5 Changes on human beings to old age
Earth and Space
Living Things & their habitats (Life Cycles)
Properties and changes of material
6 Organ systems
Evolution and Inheritance
Living Things & their habitats (Classification II )
7 What is Science?
Cells & Organisation
States of matter & Separating Mixtures
Energy changes & Transfers
8 Health & the Human Body
Photosynthesis and Respiration
Chemical Reactions
Earth and Atmosphere
Electricity and Magnetism
9 Inheritance and Evolution
Ecosystems and Interdependence
Acids and Alkalis
Materials and Recycling
Motion and Pressure
10 & 11 In Years 10 and 11 pupils either continue their Entry Level Certificate course or progress to GCSE science. Most lessons are taught in the laboratory.

Entry Level Certificate: AQA Science 
This is made up of 6 topics (covering biology, chemistry and physics) each of which is assessed by an end of topic test and a practical task

GCSE: AQA Combined Science 
This course gives pupils access to grades 1-5. There are six separate exams to be taken in Year 11, each of which is worth 16.7% of the total mark.

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