The safety and wellbeing of students at Philpots Manor School is of paramount concern and the school has clear policies and practices which promote the safety and wellbeing of the students.

The role of Designated Safeguarding Lead is fulfilled by Sue Cheshire and she is supported in this role by members of the Wellbeing Team, Clare Sharpe, Kerry Lusted and Dan Nunn.

The Ofsted report in May 2019 said:


  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

  • The school’s calm, orderly and attractive environment makes a strong contribution to pupils’ well-being and to their enjoyment of school.

  • Safeguarding procedures are well established and are followed consistently throughout the school. Adults are vigilant about pupils’ safety and are clear about the correct procedures to follow if they have any concerns. They are attentive to pupils’ needs and provide good levels of supervision around the school site so that pupils are safe.
  • Strong relationships between adults and pupils ensure that any worries are quickly identified and addressed. Effective links with parents and agencies contribute well to pupils’ safety and welfare.
  • The school maintains detailed records of any concerns or incidents. The school makes good use of its secure and confidential online system to record any safeguarding incidents or queries and subsequent progress.  As a result, the designated safeguarding lead and senior leaders are able to analyse and monitor any ongoing concerns, while staff receive daily updates about pupils’ welfare when appropriate.

  • The school’s safeguarding policy meets statutory requirements and is made available to parents via the school’s website or from the school office

If you require further information please look at our safeguarding policy on the website or contact our Safeguarding Lead.


If you have any concerns and wish to discuss these, please do not hesitate to contact our safeguarding lead, Sue Cheshire on
01342 810268 or by using the form below which will go to our office reception inbox.

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