PSHE & Life Skills

Our Personal, Social, Health and Life Skills Education course prepares pupils for the choices and challenges involved in everyday life both in school and beyond. The course is fully differentiated and pupils learn at a level appropriate to their understanding and needs. The PSHE team are happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding some of the more sensitive topics covered.

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Curriculum Overview

Year Topics
7 Wellbeing, Learning & Safety
Developing skills and aspirations
Health and puberty
Building relationships
Financial decision making
8 Drugs and alcohol
Community and careers
Emotional wellbeing
Identity and relationships
Digital literacy
9 Peer influence, substance use and gangs
Setting goals
Respectful relationships
Healthy lifestyle
Intimate relationships
Employability and College
10 Mental health
Work experience
Addressing extremism and radicalisation
Exploring influence
Healthy relationships
Financial decision making
11 Building for the future
Next steps
Communication in relationships
Managing life online

News & Stories

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We currently have two nanny goats staying with us this week. Fleur is 4 years old and is an incredible mummy to her babies.

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