Frequently Asked Questions

Philpots Manor School provides day placements for children and young people aged 7-19 years old for 36 weeks of the year.

Our focus is to provide experiences that parallel the mainstream provision with the additional focus on therapeutic programmes and a heavy emphasis on wellbeing, social skills and life skills.

This can be anything from a few weeks to longer. In most cases, the time consuming part of the process is getting the funding for the placement from the Local Authority as authorities need to ensure the school can meet the needs of the child.
All our pupils’ fees are paid by the Local Authority in which the pupils’ parents/guardians reside. Parents need to make contact with their Local Authority in the first instance with regards to funding. All of our pupils have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).
Come for a visit and chat to the staff here at the school. You can contact us in advance to arrange to come for an informal visit on your own or with your child.
We offer a slimmed down version of the National Curriculum, including English, Maths, Science and Computing. A lot of time is spent meeting the child’s individual needs through an enrichment curriculum or through therapies. We offer entry pathway courses and GCSE courses which can be taken when the pupil is ready. The school links with outside providers at 6th Form so our learners are able to continue their studies or pursue a more bespoke learning course such as a vocational qualification.
The main priority is to contact the school immediately. The class teacher is usually the first point of contact in order to get an explanation or clarification. If necessary a formal complaints procedure can be followed – the Complaints Policy is published on the school website
The school is proud of our work in encouraging high standards for pupil’s behaviour and positive attitudes to learning. Emphasis on social learning and development are key and the school operates a structured behaviour management system. There are many opportunities for praise and rewards and pupil achievement is recognised daily within the classroom. The school has a behaviour policy and a tackling bullying policy that outline our procedures. We offer and support pupils through mediation and our psychotherapist and Wellbeing team are available to offer support and counselling to any pupils who are experiencing difficulties.
We communicate via the school website, emails, letters, phone calls, meetings in person or via Zoom and by school events.
No, transport is an agreement made between the parent/carer and the Local Authority, the school is not involved in any arrangements for your child’s transport.
The school provides a cooked meal daily at school for all students.
There is no uniform required for Philpots Manor School but we do ask parents to provide students with their own PE kit consisting of: long/short sleeved jersey top, jumper/hoodie, long trousers, trainers, pair of socks, and hairband for long hair. As a lot of lessons take place outside, we also ask that you provide wellington boots and wet weather coats.

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