Careers and Progression

At Philpots, we want to give our students the best opportunity to succeed in life and work. Our program includes exploring careers, work experience, training and further education opportunities.

You can find all our parent/carers resources on the following page:

Our Provider Access Policy can be found under our policies and reports section:

For further information on student careers please contact our PSHE & Careers Lead, Elaine Payne.

Elaine can be contacted via email: or via our direct number 01342 810268. We look forward to hearing from you.

Careers News
Careers Strategy Plan
Philpots Manor School Policy Provider Access Statement & Careers Policy

News & Stories

First Day of Mental Health Week

Our wonderful equine team supported our students to express themselves on the first day of our Mental Health Week activities.

Lucy’s new bed!

The gorgeous Lucy, in her chic new bed built by our students!

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