At Philpots Manor we have a Wellbeing team.

Clare Sharpe, Wellbeing team lead
Dan Nunn, Wellbeing mentor
Kerry Lusted, Wellbeing mentor

The Wellbeing Team’s role is to support the implementation of the whole-of-school approach to wellbeing, we support students to develop social and emotional skills through strategies that build resilience, coping skills and positive relationships.

Wellbeing teams are the conduit between education and external agencies; they will support liaison but teaching staff also have a role to play in engagement with outside agencies such as Early Help , MASH, CAMHS

The Wellbeing Team will:

  • Provide a time to talk for learners; slots can be booked for individual learners as required

  • Provide a safe space for learners as needed, with agreement of class teacher

  • Offer the use of a sensory room that can be booked or used when available

  • Fulfil safeguarding responsibilities as members of safeguarding team

  • Lead and collaborate with Education to establish a programme of celebrations and educational experiences specifically within PSHE e.g. Anti-bullying week, Diwali.

  • Manage therapy provision within school OT, SLT and Drama therapy.

  • Lead on school council and pupil voice

  • Provide safe and welcoming environment at lunches and breaks

  • Promote healthy eating.

At Philpots Manor School we have a Wellbeing hub that the students are welcome in at any time to meet with the team or access the sensory room.
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