Physical Education

Our Physical Education curriculum utilises different physical activities as a media to educate our students. Through different kinds of sport, exercise and physical activity, we aim to create a motivational learning environment for our students to learn both physical and generic skills which support their independence and confidence in all areas of life.

Our curriculum encourages a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the holistic health, fitness, well-being and holistic development of each of our young people.

In order to motivate our learners we use lots of different games and activities which can be modified in order to cater for our young people’s wonderfully individual differences. A wide range of sports and activities are provided such as archery, football, rounders, trampolining, swimming, walking, cycling, tennis etc.

We provide general Physical Education lessons for all students from KS2 to KS4 as part of our outdoor learning curriculum. In KS4, students have an option to choose BTEC Sports or Junior Sports Leader qualifications.

Curriculum Overview

Key stage


KS2 & 3 (General PE) Swimming
Health and Fitness
Invasion games
Net Games
Striking and Fielding Games
Target Games
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA)
KS4 (General PE) Advance Learning of KS3 topics
On-site learning/ practice/experience

  1. Golf driving range
  2. Footgolf
  3. Gym (machines and equipment)
  4. Archery
  5. Billard

Water sports

  1. Kayak
  2. Windsurfing
  3. Stand-up Paddling

Expedition (optional)

  1. Duke of Edinburgh
KS4 (BTEC Level 1 Introductory Sport / Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership) Depending on their ability and progress in year 10, students may be promoted to higher levels in year 11.   2 to 4 lessons per week including both theory and practical lessons.

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