As part of our summer education for the upper school, two groups of students took part in a trip to travel upon a river cruiser boat called the ‘Kingfisher Mark’.

The focus of the trip was three fold. Firstly, for the students to participate in team activities that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to experience. This was achieved through the students working in teams to open lock gates, fill up the locks and then open them again for the boat to travel up the river. This was physically hard work, and the students undertook this with an excellent positive attitude.

Secondly, we wanted the students to experience the wildlife that surrounds the river. The group saw swans, kingfishers and llamas.

Thirdly, we wanted the students to work with the boat crew during the activities, and therefore communicate with people in new circumstances. The students conducted themselves amazingly with this. They communicated very well whilst opening and closing the lock gates, but also took the time to go into the steering compartment of the boat, and talk to the skipper about what they are doing at school and what they would like to do in the future. The skipper and crew were so please about this, and all commented on our students polite and mature behaviour.

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