Occupational Therapy

The role of the Occupational Therapist (OT) is to work with children who have difficulties with the practical and social skills necessary for their everyday life. Occupational Therapy enables the child to be as physically, psychologically and socially independent as possible. Many students at Philpots Manor will have sensory processing difficulties which can be addressed by sensory integration therapy. This therapy is designed to help children and young people develop their sensory processing abilities and to develop strategies to help them cope. The therapy is based on the idea that some people struggle to receive, process and make sense of information provided by the senses. For example, some children and young people are hyper-sensitive (over-sensitive) to some things such as loud noises but hypo-sensitive (under-sensitive) to other things such as pain.

Students at Philpots Manor receive occupational therapy sessions on a weekly basis either individually or as part of their class and the recommendations from the therapist are integrated into every aspect of daily school life to ensure that students are able to remain regulated throughout the school day and beyond.

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