Just before Bobby Cornell left earlier this year to go to Ruskin Mill he read out a letter to the school. It thanked all those who had taught him and helped him through his many years at Philpots, and gave particular appreciation to Nadia for, among many things, finding him such a great college. Many students and staff share these sentiments and recognise how Nadia has ‘walked that extra mile’ for the students in her care, helping them, not only while they are here, but also in their transition to life outside and beyond.

Another much appreciated aspect of Nadia’s work throughout has been her dedication and commitment to the Steiner curriculum. Nadia has always endeavoured to bring beauty, goodness and truth in an age appropriate way, to all her Main Lessons. And she has shared this with staff during Inset days by bringing the Speech Activities, Ball Catching, Movement and Music games that she teaches her class to us colleagues, getting us all in a tangle of clumsiness, laughter and fun!

Thank-you too for enhancing the social and cultural aspect of the school with parties alive with Circle Dancing, the firing of the outdoor bread oven and staff volley ball matches. Enjoy your sabbatical, wherever it leads you.

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