Today we interviewed our lovely Admissions and Referrals Secretary Louise! Louise joined Philpots Manor School in 2020. To find out a little more about Louise we asked her the following questions…..

What were your first impressions of Philpots Manor? Everyone was so lovely and friendly, I loved the drive through the countryside to get here and I liked that Philpots Manor School is in such a beautiful location.


What does your role of Admissions and Referrals Secretary involve? I work in the reception area of the school and I mainly deal with parents looking to place their child at Philpots. I help them understand the ethos of the school and how the whole process works. I also deal with local authorities when they send through the referrals and I prepare all the paperwork associated with a new student starting at the school. I also help with the Annual Education Reviews, writing up the reports and sending them out to all parties concerned. I organise the open mornings and ensure all runs smoothly.


What do you enjoy the most about your role? I work with a wonderful team and we all support one another which makes the job much easier. No two days are the same. The grounds of the school are beautiful and I love being a part of Philpots Manor School.


Do you have any hobbies? I love reading, needle felting, walks with my dogs, meeting my friends and spending time with my lovely family.


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