Creative Arts Therapy

Arts therapists help a person explore their feelings and life experiences through the art forms. They help people to communicate in their own ways and meaning in their lives. Verbal and non-verbal communication is used, depending on the needs of the child.

The psychological process of creating and the quality of the therapeutic relationship are of central importance. A variety of creative interventions are utilised, for example, stories, puppets, roleplay, sand tray and talking. It is not necessary to have any previous experience or skill in drama. The arts therapies can be particularly accessible and effective for children with complex and additional needs who are often unable to express their feelings easily using words. Using creative interventions (and talking ) the Arts therapies are flexible in responding appropriately to a child’s needs.

Students are seen for individual sessions on a weekly basis, initially for assessment and thereafter for sessions as per the therapist’s recommendation.

News & Stories

First Day of Mental Health Week

Our wonderful equine team supported our students to express themselves on the first day of our Mental Health Week activities.

Lucy’s new bed!

The gorgeous Lucy, in her chic new bed built by our students!

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