As part of our Arts Award qualification, students need to share their review of a visit to an art event.

Our students recently visited the beautiful Standen House, located in East Grinstead. See the below an Art Award review with some photos.

“We visited Standen House on 10th March 2023.

Facts about Standen House:

  • Standen House was built in 1894
  • James Beale owned the Standen House
  • Philip Webb was the architect
  • The Art and Craft movement was about making things traditional

I went on a trip with my class. We looked around the house and gardens. In the garden I saw sculptures and lavender and in the house I liked the dining room because it looks fancy!

I would recommend others to visit Standen House because I think they would like the wallpaper
and the furniture because it is gorgeous!

I learned about the Arts and Crafts movement and I learned that rich people in England have a town house and a country house.

The next art event I would like to go to is an Ariane Grande concert.”

Haru, Philpots Student

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