Anti-Bullying week 2023 is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. The theme for this year is ‘Make a Noise About Bullying’. Schools all over the UK are engaging in activities to support young people to improve their understanding of what is meant by bullying, how to ‘speak out’ if they experience bullying and how they can help others who may feel less able to speak out.

The Antibullying Alliance is an excellent resource for our students, teachers and parents and we are engaging with the Alliance to support activities planned for the week.

Activities will include: 

  • Live group lesson, BBC Teach
  • Odd Sock Day
  • Speak out activity quiz
  • Music and Drama performances

Philpots Manor School is committed to a whole school and community approach to ensure there is a culture of zero tolerance to bullying. As a result, we believe that our students have a sound understanding of treating each other with respect and they continue to enhance their skills to demonstrate an anti-bullying approach.

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