Education at Philpots Manor?

The Class Teacher model promotes emotional stability and consistency which allows our students to thrive.
Small classes with high levels of support ensure that students have access to the right help when it is needed.
It balances understanding of individual needs and stage of development whilst promoting shared values of tolerance, respect, empathy and celebrating individuality and difference.
It provides a rhythm and structure to play and learning which helps to reduce anxiety and promotes curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
Centres on the whole child and seeks to enrich learning, focusing on the mind body and spirit. This promotes a lifelong love of learning and development of an individual’s talents and interests.
Students are part of a community where everyone is collectively responsible for the school. Positive behaviour is promoted and encouraged.
Students are provided with academic skills and also opportunities to develop skills for life. We recognise the importance of supporting students along their pathway to adulthood. This is achieved through a programme of independent living skills matched to the child’s age and stage of development.
The curriculum is strongly underpinned by the use of creativity in teaching and learning. As such, the school provides a wide range of practical and artistic subjects which teach the technical skills with which the children and young people can express their creativity and emotions. It also supports the development of concentration and fine motor skills which help in other areas of their learning.

For more information on the curriculum please see the curriculum policy.