Our Staff

Please find below a full staff list for our School. To become part of our fantastic team please see our careers page.

Douglas Ainsley
Forest School Leader

Liz Alderson
Teaching Assistant

Robert Bilik
Care Co-orindator

Gordon Blake
Class Teacher

Trudi  Brookes
Deputy House Parent

Louisa Bull
IT Teacher

Simon Cook
Maintenance & H&S Officer

Margaret English
Art Teacher

Lucy Ezra
Class Teacher

Anna Fidler
Cookery Teacher

Samantha Fieldsend
Weekend Groom

Sean Finlay
Deputy House Parent

John Flint
Health and Safety & School Site Security Officer

Denise French
Teaching Assistant

Christo Georgadidis
Steiner Teacher

Agamemnon Georgantidis
Classroom Assistant

Oliver Golding
Upper School Class Teacher/Maths Co-ordinator

Trinette Gordon
Teaching Assistant

Rachel Sherlock
Admissions and Referral Liaison Officer

Julie Hart
Yard Manager

Kirstie Hayes
Interim Head of Teaching and Education

Kirsteen Higgins
Deputy Finance and Estates Co-ordinator

Tracey Hooker
Finance and Estates Co-ordinator

Andrea Horton
HR Co-ordinator

Duncan Howell
Class Teacher

Nigel Huddleston
Head of Science

Koula Karagkiozoglou
Teaching Assistant

Matthew Keal
Deputy Head of Teaching and Education

David (Michael) Lowe
Assistant Groundsman/Caretaker

Stephanie Lucas
Upper School Class Teacher/English Co-ordinator

Kerry Lusted
Deputy Care Co-ordinator

Attila Magony
Senior House Parent

Peter McLaren
Learning Support Teacher

Clair Meldrum
Senior House Parent

Bhavin Nayee
Teaching Assistant

Sarah Newman
Office Assistant

Darin Nobes
Head of Teaching and Education

Daniel Nunn
Senior House Parent

Steven Ogilvie

Shelagh Parry
Teaching Assistant

Elaine Payne
Upper School Class Teacher/PHSE Co-ordinator

Donna Rhodes
Class Teacher

Debra Richmond
Riding Teaching/Outside Education Co-ordinator

Clare Sharpe
Senior House Parent

Elsa Sherlock
Pottery Teacher

Des Simmons
Landcraft & Gardening Teacher

Clayton Saunders
Teaching Assistant

Ragel Storar
Teaching Assistant

Roland Szoke
Senior House Parent

Michael Taylor
Deputy House Parent

Katrina Thomson
Art Teacher

Gerard Van Dyck
Speech and Language Assistant

Joe Waylett
Teaching Assistant

Liz Weller
Senior Houseparent

Maria Zourari
Teaching Assistant