Helen Jones

Care Co-ordinator

Helen Jones joined Philpots Manor School as Care Coordinator in September 2015. Helen is a qualified Social Worker and has a degree in Health and Social Care.  She is an experienced senior manager with nearly 30 years experience. She has spent her career working with children and young people who have experienced early childhood trauma and have additional educational needs both in the UK and USA.

She has a strong background in working within multidisciplinary teams in the provision of therapeutic care and education, using a strong theoretical base to understand and support the development of the children.

In the USA, Helen worked with young offenders for organisation whose philosophy and practice  were closely aligned to the Crow Tribe.  A native American tribe based in Montana. During this time Helen worked in a tipi, spent time on a wagon train and learned much about the culture, traditions and ceremonies of the Crow people.

Helen holds the role of designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for the school. She has a strong belief  in the importance of advocating for children. She understands that this can only be achieved by a strong working knowledge of the legislation and regulation relating to the services being provided.

In her spare time Helen keeps rare breed pigs and sings in a choir. She has been tempted on occasion to join the staff team in performing as part of the christmas plays!