Our Stables & Horses

We have our own equine facilities here at school. We have 6 stables, stable yard, sand school and our own land to accommodate the horses.

We currently have 5 horses at the school to enable our students to partake in Riding Lessons and Horse Care lessons on site.


Initially when children are helped onto a horse they are a little apprehensive due to their distance from the ground and feeling the horse move. After a few lessons the learner gains trust in the horse and the instructor, and learns to take control. The riding sessions are thoroughly enjoyed along with the challenge of trying to do better each lesson. Each learner is individually assessed before attending for riding. The barn area is structured so as to provide a safe routine environment in which learners can feel secure.

Once the learner feels secure around the horses, teaching of Riding, Horse Care and Yard Duties commences. Learners ride in small peer groups (maximum of 4). Older children may progress to complete an NVQ diploma course in Riding and Horse Care.