Our School

Philpots Manor is an Independent special school founded in 1959. It offers education for students aged 7 to 19. Our children and young people come from a range of social backgrounds and will have indentified social, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs and social communication difficulties.

Students who do particularly well at Philpots Manor are Students who are:

  • Highly anxious
  • Sensitive to their environment
  • Benefit from a low stimulus environment
  • Creative
  • Emotionally sensitive
  • Struggle with social interactions
  • Loves being in the outdoors
  • Enjoys the space and freedom to be

We are situated in the heart of Sussex on the edge of the Ashdown Forest. Our rural location means we are ideally placed to provide an environment which is calming and free from distractions. This allows even the most anxious of students the space to relax and access the opportunities for learning.

The ethos of the school is founded on the principles of Rudolph Steiner. This allows students to follow a broad based curriculum, creatively taught and differentiated to meet the needs of the individual.

Our aim for all our students is that by the time they leave us they will be in either full time employment or further education, be able to look after themselves independently and will be involved in their local community.