Medical Care

image Parents or guardians are required to provide the school with details of their child's medical history. A simple form is provided for this. Children will remain registered with their local GP. The School Nurse is responsible for liaising with other health professionals and supervising all internal medical arrangements.

It is also our practice to have some children visit our medical advisor, a consultant practitioner of anthroposophical medicine who is also a fully qualified doctor to advise us on the diagnosis and treatment of certain developmental problems children may experience medically, socially, emotionally or educationally. We have found such advice to be of great value and we would ask parents' consent to treat their child with the recommended homeopathic remedies and other therapies should the need arise. An osteopath visits the school to see and give treatment to certain children.

The School will only arrange for emergency dental treatment. Parents are therefore asked to ensure that their children regularly attend a dentist during the holidays.