Houseparents live with and care for the children within each family group, where special emphasis is placed upon orderliness and a reassuring routine. With each family group having space to develop its own particular character and atmosphere, the children soon become settled and gain security and confidence which enables them to experience the social benefits of sharing with, and caring for, one another. A conscious community spirit is encouraged and each child contributes by helping with the daily household tasks. While children experience the more personal aspects of relationships within their own family groups, there are also many opportunities for social interaction within the whole community.

Lower Bungalow

A six- bedroom bungalow ideally suited for older girls; Liz and Andrea are the house parents and they implement the Independent Living Programmes for our girls including activities such as cooking, budgeting, shopping, independent travel and support for college and work experience. They also love to have 'girly pamper nights' as well as fashion and photo shoots, arts and crafts and shopping trips.

Top Bungalow

A six- bedroom bungalow for the younger girls. Hilda and Izabella are the house parents and they particularly enjoy going with the girls for country walks, swimming, cooking and arts & crafts within the bungalow.

Farm House

A six bedroom house for our older boys; due to the ages of Farm House residents, they very much run their own activities as well as the implementation of the Independent Living Programs. Attila and Imre are the house parents and they spend a lot of time transporting the boys to their individual activities such as off site music lessons, college and work experience. On quiet nights, the boys tend to participate in activities such as table tennis, snooker, going to the gym or revising for GCSEs or other qualifications - it must be said that the older boys also enjoy shopping trips!

The Forge

Our six bedroom house for the younger boys; Roland and Sean are the house parents and they really enjoy physical activities such as swimming, cycling, ice skating and wall climbing; they also spend leisure time at the cinema and going for country walks.

Colt House

Our biggest house! Eight bedrooms and run by house parents Dan and Dave. This tends to house our mid age-range boys and they love to spend their leisure time shopping, playing football, in-house game competitions, swimming and enjoying DVD nights.