image Here are some of the questions we are often asked by parents/carers and representatives of Local Authorities.

How do you monitor progress towards meeting the education objectives in the Statement of Special Educational Need?

We do this by:

  • Regular reviews of IEP & Individual Pupil Risk Assessment
  • Regular B Squared Connecting Steps assessment data monitoring
  • Educational assessments
  • Reports from specialists (i.e. EP, CAMHS, Learning Support)
  • Reports from therapists (i.e. SaLT, counsellor)
  • Routine 1:1 mentoring sessions
  • Routine monitoring of incident and restrictive intervention logs
  • Annual Education Reviews

What is the approach to behaviour management and positive handling? Outline training for staff in physical intervention. Describe the mechanisms in place for monitoring the use of physical intervention.

We do this by:

  • Behaviour management Policy
  • Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy
  • Whole staff Team Teach training
  • In-house Team Teach Tutors
  • Routine refresher training
  • Risk Assessments
  • Post RPI written reporting procedure
  • Post RPI debrief
  • Routine RPI monitoring by management team

What are your links and partnerships with mainstream educational establishments and colleges and how have pupils benefitted from those in the last year?

Current approved mainstream college venues:

  • Plumpton College
  • Chichester College (Brinsbury Campus)
  • Central Sussex College (Crawley Campus)
  • City College Brighton
  • DV8 Brighton

In 2012 -2013, 53% of our Year 11-14 students undertook mainstream college courses:

25% - attended Taster Courses - 100% progression on to further courses

12.5% - attended E3 course - 100% progression on to L1 courses

50% - attended L1 courses - 50% continued at L1 or progressed to L2

12.5% - attended L2 courses - 100% continued at L2 or progressed to L3