Waldorf Education

image The Steiner Waldorf Curriculum has been revised and adapted for students at Philpots Manor School by the teachers. Each year it is personalised by each teacher to meet the needs of their students. The Steiner Waldorf Curriculum covers the content of the National Curriculum, adapted to meet the needs of each child.

At Philpots the students have considerable access to arts and crafts work that supports their emotional and creative development. They are able to ride and care for horses, an activity that most students find healing. They have access to a wide and varied physical education curriculum that supports their physical development.

We have a counsellor, art and play therapist for students who need particular support in managing their anger, feelings or in overcoming events in their lives. There is also Therapeutic Speech, Art Therapy and Curative Eurythmy. Students with Specific Learning Difficulties are given individual lessons by our Learning Support teacher.

To meet the wide variety of academic ability within the school we have developed a number of different ways of accrediting the work of students. Each student is entered for Entry Level and/or GCSE English, Maths and Science if and when they are ready for them. Chemistry, Biology, Russian, ICT, Drama and various crafts such as pottery, textile, weaving and woodcarving are also available. The older students may also take GCSE/A Level Art & Photography. Stable Management/Horse Riding can be studied through an NVQ program while their work other practical subjects like Gardening can be accredited by the Open College Network.

Some older students also go offsite to take courses at Central Sussex College, Plumpton or other local colleges if they wish to pursue part - time courses that are not offered at Philpots. There is also the opportunity for work experience for older students.

There are various extra-curricular activities available for residential students. These include cycling, swimming, sailing, indoor rock climbing, and outdoor pursuits. There are sporting links with local groups and individual music lessons, sometimes off-site.

Main Lesson

The Steiner Curriculum, is designed to meet the needs of the developing child.The Main Lessons are taught daily, by their Class Teacher, with the help of the teaching assistants.

The Main Lesson is a two-hour class during which all the academic subjects, including core subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science are taught. Other subjects explored in depth are Geography, History and other areas of Humanities. Each subject is studied for a block of time from three weeks to six weeks. Teaching in main lesson blocks is one of the most successful features of Waldorf Education as it allows the student to become immersed in the subject and the teacher to cover the curriculum intensively. The actual theme of the subjects addressed in a main lesson block is age specific and aiming to engage the children's interest. Independent research is often encouraged in main lessons and the children make their own illustrated main lesson books. The main lessons are often inspiring to the children as multidisciplinary teaching methods are used with a practical approach that is related to real life experiences.