Careers and Support

Training Course

The purpose of the Training Course is to assist students in their transition to adult life and increased independence. This can include further or Higher Education, including mainstream colleges.

Some students will be continuing or completing their GCSEs or Diplomas whilst in the Training Course. They will be encouraged to participate in taster days, or longer courses at colleges and undertake work experience.

Some students will be learning to drive, and we will support them in this by helping them to organise their timetables around their additional commitments, as well as helping them with driving theory (something that they need to pass before they can take their test).

Independent travel, life skills, employability skills and underpinning literacy, numeracy and ICT are all part of the curriculum in the training course.

However one of the important aspects of our job is to realistically raise the student's aspirations. By believing that a goal is achievable, and obtaining evidence of their progress towards their goals, our students will be motivated to learn and move on from Philpots equipped with the skills that they need to meet their full potential.

The Role of the Teaching Assistant at Philpots

In every class, Teaching Assistants help to provide additional (often 1-to-1) support to our students.

TAs usually work with students not just in their main class settings but go with them to subject lessons and off-site activities, in this way they are able to provide stability and a continuity of teaching, whilst building up close relationships with the students. This extra level of support allows the students to feel safe and secure enough to learn, and grow in confidence and independence.

From helping the younger children find their way between classes and supporting their individual learning needs on a daily basis, to taking the older students to college, Teaching Assistants at Philpots are an important part of the school team.