Residential Care

image Education and Care staff work together to ensure that Life Skills and Personal, Health and Social Education is covered by a 24hour curriculum.

Being a boarder at Philpots Manor means being part of a caring and nurturing community where everyone looks after each other. The care team meet the care and support needs of children and young people within the residential setting by enabling pupils to grow and develop physically, emotionally and socially. We achieve this by providing them with a safe, consistent and enjoyable environment. All houses are run by a Senior and Deputy house parent. Within the houses, all pupils are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms by bringing photos from home, personalised effects, nik naks etc. Due to the rural location we are able to take full advantage of the countryside and encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle, incorporating the local environment into a full and varied evening activity program.
Each pupil has a named key worker who works closely with parents/carers as well as the teaching staff. Keyworkers provide the children and young people with 1:1 support as well as providing planned talking and listening sessions allowing a pupil the opportunity and time to reflect and plan for the future.

The care team all work to the belief that a pupil has to have a voice. For children and young people to be emotionally resilient and self aware, they have to be able to speak freely and without fear. We encourage all pupils to know where to look if they feel they need help. In each house, pupils can access phone numbers and email addresses of our Standard 20 visitor as well as NSPCC help lines, Childline and OfSted. Children and young people are encouraged to speak out if they feel fearful. All pupils are aware of the complaints procedure. All the pupils at Philpots Manor are aware that at any time they can contact an independent listener.

Each pupil has a care plan which is reviewed on a termly basis. The care plan is a tool for recording progress and attainment. It allows us to plan targets with the pupils that support education as well as social, emotional and behavioural issues. All the boarders at Philpots enjoy their time here and enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere in each house. The boarders themselves run a school council and are able to get their issues addressed directly by the management team.

"All residential pupils have their transitions to adult life prepared for in an individual and detailed manner. As a result of this bespoke approach, residential students are being prepared for placements at college, university and work experience. This is an excellent outcome."
Ofsted Inspection Report 2013: Outcomes for Residential Pupils - OUTSTANDING