Positive Behaviour Management

image The expectation at Philpots is good behaviour for which the children are praised, rather than reprimands for misbehaviour. Such positive reinforcement fosters good relationships and opens up opportunities for further improvement. To this end, a weekly School Gathering on Friday mornings is where achievements are celebrated and certificates presented in a festive atmosphere of storytelling and song. All staff are trained in 'Team Teach' methods of de-escalating problems which may lead to physical aggression, and of implementing positive physical handling techniques where all else has failed, in a manner that ensures the safety and dignity of all concerned.

Sanctions also have a role to play in the development of social awareness. Any sanctions required (e.g. missing a swimming trip) will be carefully explained to the child.

As the children become part of the school community, they soon realise that they themselves can contribute in a positive way towards the general quality of our social life. This is encouraged by sharing with them, whenever possible, the high standards we expect of each other and from them.

In those instances where standards of good behaviour are consistently ignored it may be necessary for the School to discuss with parents or carers what course of remedial action is appropriate. In extreme cases there might be a temporary suspension from school in order to review the situation more fully.

Within a caring community rules can be kept to a minimum, but we do consider it important that it be understood that bullying, violence, swearing, smoking, alcohol and drugs are forbidden.