Admissions and Annual Reviews

image Admission to Philpots Manor School can be at any time of year. All children and young people have a Statement of Special Educational Need and most are funded by their Local Authority.

The first step is to contact the School and speak to Sally Morrish, the Admissions Secretary and/or StClair Leveaux, the Admissions Co-ordinator. We will need to see the Statement of Special Educational Need, with all appendices and recent school reports so it will help to send or e-mail these to Sally Morrish Admissions Secretary ( An interview or fact-find will be arranged, as appropriate, after the members of the Admissions Group have read the Statement and appendices and other relevant reports. At the interview a class teacher and senior houseparent will meet your child and you will have a chance to see round the School and residential house. If everyone is still keen to proceed, there will be a two or three day visit where we can see whether we can meet the social and educational needs of the prospective pupil. It is also important that the prospective pupil can see that they will manage to be a day or residential pupil at Philpots.

Liaison with the Local Authority is an important part of the Admissions process and the SEN Placement Officer should be made aware of your interest in Philpots as a school for your child at an early stage. If the visit goes well then a decision to offer a place is taken by the College of Staff, having ensured that a suitable class and residential house place are available. A formal offer will be made to the Local Authority and once this offer has been agreed by both parents and Local Authority a start date will be agreed.

Fuller details of the Admissions Policy and Procedure are in the link below.

Local Authorities are required to review the Statement of Special Educational Need at least annually (additional reviews are required for children who are in the care of Social Services). They are responsible for obtaining the views of the parents, the school and others involved and these go towards formulating the outcome of the review. Meetings are held at school to collect these views. In contrast to the Looked After Child Reviews arranged by Social Services, it is the School's responsibility to organise these meetings. Our procedure accords with best practice and regulation.

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Parental Questionnaire

Policy No. 1 - Admissions and Reception of Children

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