Residential Activities

Community cohesion is a big part of the residential side of the school and we celebrate different cultural events from around the world, e.g. special meals to celebrate different religious events and themed evenings for events such as St. Patrick's Day. We arrange visits to the school by different people, for example, an Aborigine storyteller and a singer/songwriter doing a workshop on anti-racism. We have a full and varied evening activity programme and some of the activities we have arranged are ice skating, trips to the beach, BBQs, talent evenings, wall climbing, trips to the cinema, arts and crafts, bike rides, night hikes, table tennis, pool competitions and movie making to name but a few.

The following are some of our regular residential activities:

House Outings


Visiting the Local Gym




Table Tennis

Ice Skating

Indoor Rock Climbing

Craft Activities

Games Evening


Cinema & Shopping Trips

Talent Show

Seasonal Activities